NSW Trustee & Guardian IRC hearing update - Public Service Association

NSW Trustee & Guardian IRC hearing update

NSW Trustee & Guardian IRC hearing update – May 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA recently relisted the NSW Trustee and Guardian Dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission, after concerns were raised about the current recruitment process. The matter was conciliated on 19 May 2016.

During Conciliation the PSA raised a number of matters, including:

  • the application of the agreed Priority Assessment process, such as advising experienced applicants they did not have the capabilities for their at-grade role
  • appointment of non-applicants to roles with no apparent assessment and without consultation
  • workload and other Work Health & Safety issues. The PSA noted NSWTG Health & Safety Representatives had filed a PSA WHS Report in the recent WHS Committee meeting and asked for a Risk Assessment and Action Plan in relation to Pilot workload
  • morale across the organisation
  • unrealistic timeframes in relation to TRIM and Transition Processes
  • the extension of the Pilot beyond the original date
  • the delay in achieving efficiency measures, including the delay in the implementation of TAGs
  • communication and consultation failures by NSWTG, including failure to advise about the rumoured appointment of PWC to review the Pilot
  • the PSA’s request that NSWTG review certain nominated positions where it has been identified that staff have been performing higher duties, such as Clerks Grade 1-2 who are accredited will makers and are preparing complex wills.

The Commission made the following recommendations:

  1. NSWTG must comply with legislation, policies and agreed processes, and there must be as much transparency and scrupulous adherence to process as possible.
  2. A Review Team will be established in the Justice Strategic HR Employment Relations Unit, to review staff requests where staff can identify that agreed recruitment procedures have not been followed.
  3. Relevant recruitment processes are not to proceed until the grading reviews had been completed.
  4. An Action Plan is to be developed to address Work Health & Safety issues identified in the Pilot.
  5. There is to be no transfer of existing caseloads into the Pilot until there has been an IRC report back in relation to evaluation of the Pilot, and not until the end of the financial year at least.
  6. The PSA is to be updated on any relevant development and is to be provided with a timeline in relation to the implementation of TAGs.
  7. NSWTG is to conduct a meeting with the PSA about the Business Case.

The PSA notes staff have now been advised Price Waterhouse Coopers will be appointed to undertake a review of the Pilot. The PSA will be seeking a copy of the Terms of Reference and updates in relation to this process.

The PSA thanks members for their ongoing feedback.

What you can do

Advise NSWTG if you have concerns about the Recruitment Process and Seek a Review if you believe that the Human Resources Transition Plan has been breached.

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