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NSW Trustee & Guardian Recent development

NSW Trustee & Guardian recent development – September 2016 (PDF version)

On Thursday, 8 September 2016 PSA members in NSW Trustee and Guardian held a stop-work meeting from 11am-1pm to express concerns about issues arising from the restructure.

IRC hearing

NSW Trustee and Guardian relisted the matter in the Industrial Relations Commission in an attempt to prevent the Stop Work action, and the matter was listed at 10.30am on 8 September 2016.

During the IRC appearance, the PSA indicated its opposition to the proposed office closures and the Draft Implementation Plan. The PSA made submissions about the ongoing workload and other challenges identified in the Price Waterhouse Coopers report.

The PSA also noted that the Phased Implementation Plan was released prior to the matter returning to the IRC, in contradiction of Recommendations made by the IRC in 2015.

After hearing from the parties, the IRC indicated it would not prevent stop the Stop Work action, on the basis that it would be impractical to do so. The matter is due to return to the IRC on 19 September 2016.

Price Waterhouse Coopers report

The PSA notes the following in relation to the Price Waterhouse Coopers Report:

  • PSA delegates provided service delivery data, including Key Performance Indicators (KPI) statistics, to Price Waterhouse Coopers.
  • The PSA understood the KPI statistics would be considered by Price Waterhouse Coopers as part of its assessment of the Pilot. However, the Price Waterhouse Coopers Report does not refer to the failure of NSW Trustee and Guardian to meet crucial service delivery KPIs.
  • Notwithstanding the failure to address KPIs, Price Waterhouse Coopers noted problems with service delivery in the Financial Management and Estate Administration areas. Price Waterhouse Coopers recommended certain steps be taken before rolling out the new service delivery model. This resource, workload and project planning has clearly not been done by NSW Trustee and Guardian.

KPIs Estate Management

At the meeting with NSW Trustee and Guardian on 9 September 2016, the PSA provided updated Estate Administration statistics to NSW Trustee and Guardian. These statistics indicate the ongoing failure of NSW Trustee and Guardian to meet KPIs in the Pilot.

  • Election – 90 percent of elections to be filed within 14 days. Pilot achieved 13 out of 86 (15.2 percent).
  • Grants – 80 percent to be obtained within 10 weeks of allocation. Pilot achieved five out of 203 (2.46 percent).
  • Elections for Low Risk Estates – 80 percent to be distributed within four months. Pilot achieved none out of 72 (0 percent). Four out of 72 elections were achieved out of time.
  • Estate Distribution – 80 percent to be distributed within seven months of allocation. Pilot distributed one estate (5.88 percent).

The Phased Implementation Plan provides that half the Estate files will go into the Service Delivery Centres on 11 November 2016. However, the PSA is of the opinion that the above figures highlight the absurdity of the Estate files rolling out at this stage and the very real risks to our members and to the organisation itself.

Redeployment opportunities

At the meeting with NSW Trustee and Guardian on 9 September 2016, the PSA reiterated the importance of providing assistance to members who no longer have a role in NSW Trustee and Guardian. The PSA raised the following issues:

  • That NSW Trustee and Guardian proactively support members who seek to retain employment in the public sector now, rather than when they are declared excess, through mechanisms such as priority assessment and the mobility provisions of the GSE. The PSA seeks a commitment from NSW Trustee and Guardian and Department of Justice on this issue.
  • That NSW Trustee and Guardian identify staff who did not obtain a role in the recruitment process but who wish to remain in NSW Trustee and Guardian to help the organisation transition to a new model, and to declare such staff excess at a later date. This approach will assist NSW Trustee and Guardian and our members.

The PSA will continue to support members in this restructure and welcomes member feedback.

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