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Oak Flats Radio – Staffing Levels

Oak Flats Radio – Staffing Levels

Last weekend historic levels of rain were recorded throughout New South Wales and in particular across the Illawarra region. Flood warnings were issued by the SES prior to the weekend, and it became clear that emergency services would face a difficult period.

The PSA was made aware of the calls from members at Oak Flats ROG for additional staff to be rostered on over the weekend and an SES liaison to be rostered in preparation for what was expected to be a higher than normal workload. These requests appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

The PSA wrote to the Commissioner of Police with attention to Assistant Commissioner Stacey Maloney highlighting the continued concerns the PSA has raised around staffing levels, particularly as it pertains to emergency events. You can find a copy of this letter HERE.

The PSA has sought a meeting to discuss the events of last weekend with a view to ensuring that staffing levels are always appropriately managed. We will inform members of any developments moving forward.

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