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ODPP member update – Early Appropriate Guilty Plea restructure (EAGP)

ODPP member update – Early Appropriate Guilty Plea restructure (EAGP) – April 2018 (PDF version)

Last week, the PSA filed a dispute in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission over the lack of consultation pursuant to the current EAGP restructure. Particularly the PSA requested the ODPP’s change management plan as well as other documentation related to the restructure.

Summary of hearing on 28 March 2017 before Chief Commissioner Kite SC

The PSA advised the Commission that the ODPP had sent the requested documentation on 27 March 2018, the day before the hearing. However, the PSA had not been able to form a proper view of what had been sent because the documents had only been received. The PSA emphasised the lack of consultation and our repeated attempts to get more information during the last few months. The PSA also noted to that the change management plan potentially lacked sufficient detail due to its brevity.

The barrister for the ODPP submitted that since the restructure did not required ministerial approval, a change management plan was not required. However this is not the case and the ODPP did not pursue this claim.

The ODPP also played down the restructured and submitted that there would be no job losses. However it is unclear how the ODPP have come to this position, particularly considering the reduction in level one jobs. Even if full time equivalents remain the same, this does not mean that every individual currently working at the ODPP will have a job at the end of the restructure.

In response, the PSA argued that the principle issue is consultation between the PSA and the employer. Part of this is the change management plan. The PSA requested that dispute be kept open for a further hearing with the Chief Commissioner. The next hearing is on 17 April 2018. In the meantime, the PSA will be consulting with members over the change management documents the ODPP has supplied.

Gathering further feedback from members to put to the ODPP for consultation

Please find all the documentation the ODPP forwarded to the PSA below. While the PSA deals with industrial matters every day, members at the ODPP remain the experts on how the ODPP functions. As such your views are essential. You can provide feedback via the link found HERE. You can also provide feedback to our organiser Bart McKenzie during workplace visits. Please contact us if you would like to hold a workplace meeting. Thank you to all the members who have already taken the time to express their views.

  • Change management plan –
    Found HERE.
  • EAGP workforce design methodology –
    Found HERE.
  • EAGP Employee communications strategy –
    Found HERE.
  • Helping to drive the EAGP reform –
    Found HERE.
  • Life cycle of an EAGP matter –
    Found HERE.
  • Legislative elements presentation –
    Found HERE.

What does meaningful consultation really mean?

  • To receive relevant documentation about the proposed changes, what those changes are and how they affect you
  • To be given the opportunity to put forward your views with feedback provided
  • To have those views genuinely considered by management before a decision
  • The reasons for not accepting your views must be given.

The Government’s Agency Change Management Guidelines cover these plans. All efforts must be made to place staff before they are declared excess. This must occur before any positions are filled.

Issues with emails being sent to ODPP email addresses

A significant number of members who have elected their ODPP email address have not received all of the PSA’s recent communications. We have been looking into this issue and contacted ODPP HR to ensure that our emails are not being blocked in future.

Most members use their personal email accounts for the purpose of receiving PSA emails. This is the best option. Members can update their details online at the PSA website HERE.

Your PSA staff:

Monika Wunderlin – PSA Industrial Officer

Bart McKenzie – PSA Organiser

What can you do?

  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues
  • Print this bulletin and put it up on your noticeboard
  • Ask a colleague to join the PSA
  • Get involved as your area contact
  • Not a member join online –https://membership.psa.asn.au/register
  • Members can update their details HERE.

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