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Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – PSA update

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – update – March 2019

Sick leave

The PSA is aware a number of members have been told that they are to take flex or recreation leave when they are required to go to prospective medical appointments, such as specialist appointments. This is an incorrect interpretation of the sick leave provisions in the Award. Sick leave is to be granted for future appointments. If individual members continue to have issues getting approval for sick leave, they are encouraged to contact the PSA.

New flex agreement

The current flex agreement is to be renegotiated. The ODPP has advised it is amenable to the current provisions in the existing agreement. However, the current “carry forward” of 50 hours, which is a variation to the standard parameters to flexible working hours and requires the approval of the NSW Public Sector Industrial Relations Wages Policy Taskforce.

Flex leave

The PSA is aware many members feel that they are unable to take flex. Forfeited flex is an issue which appears to be widespread across the ODPP. The PSA raised this with ODPP HR. Members should raise issues they have with their capacity to take flex time with their manager at first instance, or alternatively HR. Members can also contact the PSA directly.

The ODPP Executive has advised it will monitor areas with high flex leave and seek to discuss the issue with the respective local manager. The PSA has requested data on forfeited flex at the office level.

Draft Code of Conduct

The ODPP have also provided a Draft Code of Conduct for consultation. Members can find the draft HERE.

The PSA seeks member feedback in relation to all of the above issues.

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