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The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Bulletin

Office of  the Director  of Public Prosecutions Bulletin Oct 2014 (PDF version)

Joint Consultative Committee

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) is a committee made up of ODPP management, PSA Departmental Committee (DC) delegates and a PSA Industrial Advocate.

The committee usually meets on a quarterly basis and discusses issues put forward by members of the committee.

The PSA works for you in this forum by raising members’ concerns and consulting on changes affecting members.

The most recent JCC was on 19 September where discussions were held on:

  • The draft proposal for a new Flexible Working Hours Agreement
  • Higher duties allowance for ‘D list’ lawyers doing trials
  • Staff unable to take compensatory travel leave
  • Pay increments for Trial Advocates

Discussions were also held on the payment of overtime or granting of time in lieu for work outside the bandwidth. Please note that your award entitlement for this is:

96. Payment for Overtime or Leave in Lieu
96.1 The Department Head shall grant compensation for directed overtime worked either by payment at the appropriate rate or, if the staff member so elects, by the grant of leave in lieu in accordance with subclause 96.2 of this clause.
96.2 The following provisions shall apply to the leave in lieu:
96.2.1 The staff member shall advise the supervisor before the overtime is worked or as soon as practicable on completion of overtime, that the staff member intends to take leave in lieu of payment.
96.2.2 The leave shall be calculated at the same rate as would have applied to the payment of overtime in terms of this clause.
96.2.3 The leave must be taken at the convenience of the Department, except when leave in lieu is being taken to look after a sick family member. In such cases, the conditions set out in clause 81, Sick Leave to Care for a Sick Family Member of this award apply.
96.2.4 The leave shall be taken in multiples of a quarter day, unless debiting of leave in hours or in fractions of an hour has been approved in the staff member’s Department or section;
96.2.5 Leave in lieu accrued in respect of overtime shall be given by the Department and taken by the staff member within three months of accrual unless alternate local arrangements have been negotiated between the Department Head and the Association.
96.2.6 A staff member shall be paid for the balance of any overtime entitlement not taken as leave in lieu.


Your local DC or workplace delegate should be your first port of call if you need advice or support.

The benefit of having a delegate in the workplace is invaluable and best outcomes for members are often as a direct result of delegates knowing the job and understanding the local work situation.

Delegates are often the main contact for PSA members, PSA Industrial staff and ODPP management during negotiations around changes in the workplace.

Please support your local delegate. If you don’t have one, please consider becoming a delegate or contact. PSA provides training and support for delegates.

You can contact PSA Organiser, Heather Smith or your DC delegate for more information.

Your DC Delegates

Dubbo Susan Ayre
Newcastle David O’ Neill
Sydney Rhonda Dodd
Sydney Barbara Barnes
Sydney Carla Black (Chair)
Penrith Tracey Cornwall
Sydney David Curran
Campbelltown Fiona Horder (Deputy Chair/ Secretary)
Lismore Andrew Horowtiz (Deputy Chair)
Wagga Wagga
John Kontista
Sydney Tamara Kuppusamy (Women’s Committee)
Sydney Vesna Medica
Sydney Roger Murray
Relieving squad attached to Sydney Darren Robinson


Member Benefits

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