Office of Environment and Heritage award negotiation bulletin - Public Service Association

Office of Environment and Heritage award negotiation bulletin

Office of Environment and Heritage award negotiations bulletin – March 2016 (PDF version)

As you are aware, the Department of Office Environment Heritage forwarded a letter regarding proposed changes to the Awards to all Parks and Wildlife staff.

The PSA also received a letter re Log of Claims – Crown Employees (Office of Environment and Heritage Parks and Wildlife group) Conditions of Employment.

The Department has not provided any detail to the PSA in relation to the ratification of Parks and Wildlife hard-fought award conditions.

The PSA is extremely disappointed with the Department for sending out a letter regarding proposed changes to awards prior to any consultation with the PSA in relation to their log of claims. Any award variation has to be by consent.

The PSA will not meet with OEH in relation to the outrageous award log of claims until such time that the PSA has met with delegates.

The PSA’s position is and always has been to preserve the award conditions of our members. The PSA will continue to fight for our members to maintain their award conditions.

PSA General Secretary, Anne Gardiner, has given a commitment that the PSA will strongly defend all conditions of employment Parks and Wildlife currently enjoy.

The PSA encourages members to provide feedback to the PSA and delegates in relation to the OEH proposed log of claims.

The PSA encourages you to engage members and emphasise the importance of building a strong and robust workplace to challenge this attack on your hard-fought entitlements.

If your colleagues are not members, encourage them to join. The stronger we are, the better we can protect our conditions.

Office Environment& Heritage Parks & Wildlife POVB delegates

Peter Clark

Kim DeGovrik

John Holcombe

Trish Swain

Ben Owers

Ann Walton

Judith Greenwood

Jennifer Bean

George Malolakis

Alex Deura

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