Ombudsman Joint Consultative Committee – 20 March - Public Service Association

Ombudsman Joint Consultative Committee – 20 March

Ombudsman Joint Consultative Committee – 20 March (PDF version)

The PSA attended the Ombudsman JCC on 20 March 2019. The following is a brief summary of issues discussed.

Strategic review

There are no clear timeframes yet regarding the restructure, although we understand the Ombudsman would like to resolve it by the beginning of July 2019. It is the PSA’s view that this will prove difficult. We have advised we want to view and be able to comment on the Role Descriptions and the Change Management Plan (CMP) when it is provided.

We also advised of the need for strong discussion to take place in regard to placement processes. It was agreed this matter requires more consideration.

The PSA will write to the Ombudsman to reiterate the need to consult and for there to be sufficient time for this process.

Reportable Conduct Scheme

We were told that staff have been advised of the process of transfer to the Office of the Children’s Guardian, and that this will be a Machinery of Government change. The PSA has been advised that the transfer of staff will include those on fixed-term contracts initially to allow for possible future expansion. This would not change their fixed-term status but management will also provide the Office of the Children’s Guardian with relevant information such as where employees are in existing talent pools. This will maximise the potential for fixed-term employees to move into ongoing roles.

You should clarify your situation with your manager.

Ageing and Disability Commission (ADC)

The PSA tried to clarify the impact of this Commission on roles within Ombudsman NSW.  It is anticipated that the two staff in the OCV area will transfer to the ADC.  No other staff are transferring over. The Ombudsman still has a role in the Disability sphere and other staff will be included within the restructuring process referred to above. Any staff interested in roles at the ADC may certainly seek opportunities there as they arise.

Please contact your local delegates or Industrial Officer Nick Player or Organiser, Davis Murphy with any queries.

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