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Peak Consultative Committee update

Peak Consultative Committee Update - Aug 2020 (PDF version)

As previously notified, at the February 2020 TfNSW Peak Consultative Committee (PCC) the Department reported to union representatives that:

  • Role Descriptions have been compiled and assessed using the job evaluation process
  • A progression system has been set-up
  • Surveillance Officers are in three different areas. Job evaluations, Role Descriptions and progressions have been done however the business needs to go back to each manager and staff member to decide how to progress/increment them e.g. go from a grade 7 to a grade 8. That work will take some time and an update for the PSA will be provided regarding the complexities of working through this.

Feedback 24 July 2020 to members from TfNSW management

People & Culture (P&C) commenced a Capability Needs Analysis on 19 July 2019, which identified accountabilities and tasks that Works Supervisors and Surveillance Officers are required to perform across the organisation with the intent of:

  • Identifying the tasks and capabilities required of Works Supervisors and Surveillance Officers
  • Identifying any differences between the tasks and capabilities required of the different levels of Works Supervisors/Surveillance Officers
  • Agreeing accountabilities that differentiate junior from more senior Works Supervisors and Surveillance Officers
  • Reviewing the current progression strategy for Works Supervisors and Surveillance Officers.

This Capability Needs Analysis identified that there was a requirement for three distinct levels of Works Supervisor and Surveillance Officer, with the level of a position being determined principally by:

  • The nature of the work (routine, non-routine, specialist or high-risk)
  • The level of trade or non-trade expertise required for effective decision making in the role
  • The degree of autonomy required of the role
  • The degree of coaching/mentoring of more junior Works Supervisors/Surveillance Officers or trade personnel expected of the role.

The Work Supervisor roles were reviewed and finalised in June and the back pay was applied to 2 February 2020. Members would have had these details confirmed via letter.

The review for Surveillance Officers is being led by I&P Division with P&C support and is currently being addressed separately. Members and the PSA will be advised of the outcome over the coming weeks.

Members’ concerns over other roles

The PSA has also been contacted by members who occupy other roles within the same work areas with concerns regarding a similar review process for Workshop Supervisors and Fleet Inspectors. The PSA is currently collecting information from members as to whether a recent needs analysis conducted for Workshop Supervisors warrants a review, as there was no movement in grade for this role, and as to why Fleet Inspectors roles were not considered to be part of this needs analysis. The PSA will advise members as to the outcome of these discussions with the department. A members Virtual meeting will be organised by PSA Industrial Staff.

Any members who need advice or assistance can contact the PSA Member Support Centre in the first instance at or on 1300 772 679.

Greg Shaw Senior Industrial Officer

Ben James PSA Organiser Transport Cluster

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