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Pillar privatisation update

Pillar privatisation update – May 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA has become aware that the Legislative Assembly (Lower House of the Parliament) is moving the bill to privatise Pillar today (11 May 2016).

As the Government has a majority in the Lower House we expect this to be passed today. Should this occur the bill is likely to go to the Legislative Council (Upper House of the Parliament) tomorrow.

Since our last bulletin we have confirmed that Labor and the Greens are opposing the sale of Pillar. To see the previous bulletin go to the link HERE.

We are still to hear from the Christian Democrats, the Shooters and Animal Justice party. The support of all of these representatives is required for the legislation to be blocked or amended.
Labor will be moving the following amendment to the bill. A copy of those amendments are HERE.

Should these amendments succeed, it means that members will have the following protections:

  1. Job security for 5 years as opposed to the two years in the bill
  2. Protection of conditions for 5 years
  3. A guarantee of Pillar remaining in the Illawarra region for 20 years.

Whilst the position of the PSA is to oppose the sale of Pillar, it is important that in the event that the sale proceeds protections are in place for members. That is why the PSA and Unions NSW will continue to lobby for support for NSW Labor’s amendments.

There is a separate bill before the Parliament which will enable Pillar employees who are members of the SSS and SASS superannuation schemes to remain under those schemes. The PSA supports this.

Meanwhile, we will continue to bargain tomorrow for a longer enterprise agreement. This may be needed in the event that the bill passes the Parliament unamended. Even if the bill is amended, salary increases still need to be secured.

The PSA is having a members meeting tomorrow where we will further update members. The details are below:

12:30, Thursday 12 May at the Level 6 conference room. This meeting is a work time meeting.

PSA Delegates:

Cindie Elliot

Micheal Arney

Raelene Steele

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