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Police Band – Award Negotiations

Police Band – Award Negotiations – September 2018 (PDF version)

Following a vote in June 2018, Police Band members transitioned across to the Administrative Leave conditions.

An agreement was reached and a commitment given that following these changes being implemented, bargaining would recommence on the log of claims submitted in late 2016.

The process by which to formally do this required the PSA to withdraw the previous log of claims and resubmit it as a draft log of claims in order to be able to negotiate on each item individually. This was submitted last week.

PSA delegates will be included in the Award Bargaining meetings and members will be advised once we have been advised of meeting dates.

Additional items can be included in the log of claims as the negotiations progress as required.

Joint Consultative Committee

Contained within your Award is a clause relating to the establishment of a Police Band Consultative Committee.

This is a regular meeting of management, delegates, and PSA industrial staff where matters of policy and procedure can be raised and workplace issues addressed.

Once a new Commander has been appointed to the NSW Police Band, the PSA will be in touch to organise an inaugural Consultative Committee meeting. Members should begin discussing with their delegates items they would like raised in this forum.


A reminder that the PSA delegates in NSW Police Band are:

  • Matthew Collins
  • Glenn Henrich

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