POVB bulletin 1 February 2019 - Public Service Association

POVB bulletin 1 February 2019

POVB – Bulletin 1 February (pdf version)

Cyclic Rostering Consultation – CESU and CDTCC

The POVB State Executive met with CESU Management on Thursday 31 January to discuss CSNSW’s plans to introduce Cyclic Rostering to all CESU locations State wide.

Recently, CESU Management has been consulting locally with staff from each CESU location, by presenting draft Cyclic Rosters and proposing changes to staffing establishments and P28s in order to roll out Cyclic Rosters in each CESU location.

CSNSW and the POVB went through a lengthy consultative process to develop business rules for all Correctional Centres across NSW in order to build in the greatest flexibility for our Members. The business rules were not developed solely for Correctional Centre staff, but for all POVB Members.

The POVB State Executive have informed CESU Management that our members will not accept Cyclic Rostering Business Rules that are inferior to the Business Rules agreed to for our members in Correctional Centres.

All Correctional Centres that have introduced Cyclic Rostering have moved to the 195-staffing formula that gives more flexibility for staff to take leave and request shift swaps. CESU Management wants to introduce Cyclic Rostering under a 209 staffing formula which gives less flexibility to our members. Many CESU locations also have irregular Court schedules which require varying staffing requirements that cannot be forecast under Cyclic Rostering. This was also raised by the POVB, as well as the large amount of C and B watches in some locations which will make it difficult for staff to take annual leave due to business requirements.

The POVB State Executive directs all CESU Delegates and members to cease any further local consultation with CESU Management regarding Cyclic Rostering proposals. All POVB members should have the same Cyclic Rostering Business Rules state-wide.

Local Management at the CDTCC Parklea have also been in discussions with Delegates regarding the introduction of Cyclic Rostering. We will not accept a Cyclic Rostering model that gives less flexibility to our Members at the CDTCC, CESU or any other centre.

The POVB State Executive will continue to consult with CSNSW and give regular updates to our Delegates and Members.

Professional Standards Branch/Investigation Process Consultation

POVB Members at the MRRC took 24-hour industrial action on Wednesday 30 January in support of fellow POVB Members who were suspended or facing investigation from the Professional Standards Branch (PSB). POVB members are angry about the length of time it takes the PSB to investigate maters and reach a decision. The process can often take over two years with Officers suspended and not allowed to contact friends or colleagues employed by CSNSW.

POVB members are also very angry about the inconsistencies in the final decisions handed down by the PSB and CSNSW Senior Management.

The industrial matter was heard in the IRC on Wednesday 30 January before Chief Commissioner Kite who ordered that all staff return to work as soon as possible. POVB/PSA Industrial Officer David McCauley represented the POVB in the matter and requested greater transparency in the investigation process as well as greater support for our Members who are suspended. He also requested that regular meetings with the Assistant Commissioner of Governance and Continual Improvement take place to ensure regular updates are provided in order to assist POVB Members who are suspended or facing investigation.

On Thursday 31 January the POVB State Executive attended a meeting with PSA General Secretary and Corrective Services Minister David Elliott regarding this issue. We are hopeful that improvements will be made to the PSB investigation process that reduces the length of time it takes to investigate and reach a final decision. We have also requested that CSNSW develop protocols to give greater support to our Members who are being investigated or subject to suspension.

The POVB State Executive will meet with the Assistant Commissioner of Governance and Continual Improvement Carlos Scasserra, on Wednesday 6 February.

The transcript of the IRC hearing is here.

Contact Details:

Nicole Jess
Chairperson                0427 609 199

Jason Charlton
Vice Chairperson        0401 500 976

Thor Sutherland
Country Chairperson   0447 633 476

Natalie Howes
Secretary                     0407 011 441

Darren King
Assistant Secretary     0407 935 039

David McCauley
POVB Industrial Officer 0419 022 767

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