POVB bulletin Direction from POVB State Executive - Public Service Association

POVB bulletin Direction from POVB State Executive

POVB Bulletin Direction from POVB State Executive – June 2017 (PDF version)

The Management Committee, Prison Officers Vocational Branch of the Public Service Association of NSW directs members of the POVB not to perform any security checks in a sterile zone of any Correctional Facility that requires a staff member walking on loose and uneven ground.

An inspection of a sterile zone was conducted by SafeWork NSW.

The Inspector from SafeWork NSW identified that the stones, rocks or pebbles in the area were a risk to staff safety.

The Inspector further stated that if daily security checks needed be carried out, that task should be performed by mechanical means, ie; golf cart or similar.

If you are directed by any person to perform a walk through security check of a sterile zone, you are to inform the person making the direction that it is an unlawful direction and that you have been instructed by your union not to engage in the unsafe practice.

Contact a member of the State Executive immediately for assistance.

POVB State Executive

  • Nicole Jess – Chair POVB
    0427 609 199
  • Jason Charlton – Vice-Chair POVB
    0401 500 976
  • Thor Sutherland – Country Vice-Chair POVB
    0477 633 476
  • Natalie Howes – Secretary POVB
    0407 011 441
  • Darren King – Assistant Secretary POVB
    0407 935 039

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