POVB bulletin – March 2019 - Public Service Association

POVB bulletin – March 2019

POVB – Bulletin March (pdf version)

Workforce planning meeting

A meeting took place to address the following issues:

  • filling vacancies
  • the casual policy
  • higher commencing salary for casual to permanent policy.

The POVB’s stance has always been that it believes vacancies should be filled via transfer lists in the first instance and then casuals to permanent and then recruit from outside.

The GSE does not allow the above and policy, which was signed off by the previous Chairperson, does not allow it either. Due to this the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) cannot assist us.

What we achieved in the meeting was that every sub-branch is to be shown, by their Governor or MOS, the strategic workforce plan for their centre or court location. It will be discussed how vacancies are going to be filled and if there are any concerns these can be raised in that forum.

CSNSW is moving away from casualisation 100 per cent out of the Academy. What it is striving for is a 70 per cent permanent to 30 per cent casual ratio. Anyone coming out of the Academy as a casual will be a true casual and will have to apply for permanency mainly through outside recruitment. This means there will be limited opportunities after this year to apply internally via expressions of interest for permanency.

CSNSW stated there will be enough jobs for casuals employed prior to April 2018, dependent on where its priorities are. We are monitoring this closely.

In regards to transfer lists, as previously stated in bulletins, the transfer lists will continue until they have been exhausted. We have asked CSNSW to provide us with the updated transfer lists and which ones have been exhausted. Any lists that are exhausted will now be carried out by an expression of interest which will come out at the end of each year, around October. A committee will be formed which will decide who is chosen to go. There will be a representative from the POVB Executive on the committee for transparency reasons. Business rules will be developed for a points process for making the decisions on who goes. At the beginning of the year staff will be contacted and told a date in the future for placement if they have been chosen to fill a vacancy. If they say no to the move, they will be removed from the list.

For higher capacity salary for casuals made permanent we have been successful in getting positive changes for our casual members. Previously to obtain CO Yr1 you had to complete 218 shifts after you had completed Cert III which meant that shifts completed prior to this were not recognised. Now as soon as you have completed your Cert III you have one month to claim your higher commencing salary and prove that you have done 218 shifts. If you had completed your Cert III and done 436 shifts then you are eligible for CO Yr2. Due to this we have requested CSNSW look into whether we can get staff who previously did not get higher commencing salary due to not meeting the previous policies requirements, be recognised for higher salary. CSNSW have stated they will look into it, however, members will not get back pay.

MRRC benchmarking

The original benchmarking document for MRRC was 238 staff. Throughout the benchmarking process the committee has been able to get that number to 308. We congratulate the committee members for the effort they have put in. They now need to look at the new build staffing numbers. Staff have gone to MNCC, as they have the same build happening up there, and this will assist the staff on the committee to get a better understanding of the building.

MRRC Benchmarking committee will have further meetings to look at staffing for the new build and then a final presentation, by CSNSW, to all members of the MRRC will need to occur prior to it being put to the Commissioner for sign off.

Benchmarking other centres

Goulburn is still waiting on sign off by the Commissioner for its benchmarking numbers.

Long Bay Hospital and SPC are still waiting to go over to their benchmarked numbers as the Medical Escort Unit is holding this process up.

Acting up

The inconsistency with Acting up for SCO to FM roles was raised at the benchmarking meeting this week. We have asked for a uniformed approach around the state which CSNSW will look at. There was confirmation in the meeting that there is no requirement to be in a talent pool to act up to FM roles. If this is happening in your centre put it on the issues register and address it locally and if not resolved, then raise to our level.

Centre closures

In the IRC we asked the assistance of the Commissioner in starting discussion re centre closures. This was to see if CSNSW has any plan in the future to close centres due to the bed expansions.

At the benchmarking meeting Mr Corcoran stated there are no plans for CSNSW to close any centres. It was stated that at present the inmate state is continuing to increase and we are close to being in trouble again for beds if there is a delay in the new builds.

We were informed that in the New Year we have had an increase in state by 400 and 70 alone just last weekend.

Mr Corcoran did state that CSNSW do want to look at turning off some of the 3 out cells. We did state that we are concerned in some locations, like Wellington, if that was to happen as without the staff for those inmates the Centre would have difficulty running safely. Mr Corcoran will discuss this with us in the future as it gets closer to that happening.

WFS – program to move to SAP payroll

We received a presentation in regards to WFS. It will mean less work for roster clerks and it will mean that staff can access the portal from home or on their phone to submit leave forms and swap forms.

The trial will be at Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre and at Tamworth Correctional Centre. The presentation we received will be presented at those centres in the coming weeks.

Cyclic rostering CESU

A meeting took place with CESU management in regards to CSNSW bringing in cyclic rostering.

We raised concerns centres that have cyclic rostering are under a 195 formula, which creates fat in the roster on each shift and gives staff flexibility in the roster.

CSNSW stated that to do a 195 formula it would mean job deletions. CSNSW stated that to be able to do the 195 formula in centres this would be off settled by the job deletions in benchmarking.

CSNSW has agreed to build the flexibility into the business rules so CESU locations are not disadvantaged due to the 209 formula.

We raised that some SCOs will have to do three weekends and CSNSW stated it will look at that and will be happy to build into the rosters that this will not happen.

The process moving forward will be:

POVB Executive to get back to CESU management in two weeks with what we want in the business rules.

Then a presentation to all locations from OSU and with a POVB Executive present to discuss the individual locations issues. These issues can be looked at collectively if it affects all locations or locally if it is only for that location.

CESU management did clearly state that there will be no VORs in court locations and that every position will be filled as the posts you have are the posts required to do the roles and functions. If there are vacancies staff will be able to swap into those positions or be filled by casuals.

Biohazard meeting

A biohazard meeting was previously organised due to issues at Long Bay with inmates with contagious diseases, self-harming and the cleaning of cells after self-harm.

We met and out of the meeting we will look at the following:

  • protocols for cleaning cells and areas
  • training requirements – initial Academy training then more in-depth training for staff in high risk areas
  • communication around informing staff of any information that will assist them in managing them and managing the risk to themselves re contagious diseases.

Also raised in the meeting was the lack of debriefs for critical/serious incidents, staff burnout, PTSD and the lack of equipment that will assist staff in managing high-risk chronic self-harmers. These issues will be dealt with in another forum and POVB/PSA is to get back to CSNSW with what we would like in debriefs, what level of service/care we see is required in debriefs and what equipment/tools we would like. CSNSW have agreed to look at our proposals and work with us to get the best outcomes for our members.

Contact details:

Nicole Jess  
Chairperson – 0427 609 199

Jason Charlton
Vice Chairperson – 0401 500 976

Thor Sutherland
Country Chairperson – 0447 633 476

Natalie Howes
Secretary – 0407 011 441

Darren King  
Assistant Secretary – 0407 935 039

David McCauley
POVB Industrial Officer – 0419 022 767

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