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Premier Baird quietly pushes through super wage law


PSA Media Release: Premier Baird quietly pushes through super wage law (PDF version)

The State Government has ignored parliamentary process and quietly rammed through legislation as part of the budget which cements their recent win in the Court of Appeal in relation to superannuation and public sector pay, according to the NSW Public Service Association (PSA).

The measures were the very last item in the State Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment (Budget Measures) Bill 2014 and buried right at the back on page 27.

There was no debate on the hidden measures as the Opposition traditionally waves through budget bills as they are unable to be blocked by the Legislative Council.

“This move comes as public sector unions in NSW consider their options in relation to a High Court challenge of a Court to Appeal decision which upheld the Government’s position that the public sector pay cap of 2.5% can be reduced by an increase in superannuation,“ said Acting PSA General Secretary, Steve Turner.

“The PSA has won the argument on several occasions before the Industrial Relations Commission that rises in superannuation should not be included under the Government’s wage cap.

“Each time the Government attempted to change the law to suit its own needs until the Court of Appeal finally gave it the decision it wanted to hear.

“The PSA cannot help but think that the reason the laws were pushed through and quietly buried under other provisions is because the Government was concerned that the unions may win if the matter went to the High Court.

“This Government has clearly learnt nothing about transparency from its recent time in the witness box at the ICAC.

“How can we possibly have any trust in this government?” said Mr Turner.

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