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PSA campaign to save SASS jobs

Dear Members,

We are aware that you have received an email about schools circulated in support of dissident candidates in the current PSA elections.  This email is incorrect, offensive and defamatory.

That email merely describes the Department’s position, which we vehemently dispute. The PSA made no such agreement and further:

  • the PSA rejects that LMBR will lead to efficiencies,
  • there is no evidence that LMBR will streamline work to achieve such efficiencies,
  • it is clear that Local Schools, Local Decisions will lead to a dramatic increase in workload.

As such the PSA is now running a strong campaign against the job cuts and we ask that you visit our website  and get involved to help fight  the cuts.

While we realise there is no need to tell you this, we have never agreed to any “secret deal” in 2008 (or at any other time) resulting in the loss of any SAS Staff jobs.

While election candidates are entitled to campaign, this does not extend to distributing false rumours that have the potential to damage the PSA and its campaign to save jobs.

It is imperative that members help promote the PSA campaign against job cuts instead of the department’s arguments for cuts.

Some members are not have computer access or are not on this email list, so please print out this message and the attachment and pass it on to those colleagues.


Yours faithfully,


JOHN CAHILL,  General Secretary

SUE WALSH,  President


Click here to download latest LMBR Bulletin dated 18 October 2012


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