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PSA commences negotiations for a combined Tipstaves and Associates Award

The Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) has proposed a draft Award to add coverage of NSW Judge’s Associates to the existing Crown Employees (Tipstaves to Justices) Award (the ‘Award’). If you are an Associate or Tipstaff to any Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Land and Environment Court of NSW or the District Court of NSW, you need to read this message.

The proposed draft removes a number of provisions from the current Award which the Department maintains are replicated in the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009 (‘the Conditions Award’).

The Department advised that the proposed draft contains those conditions that specifically apply to Tipstaff and Associates and then reverts to the Conditions Award. We have not provided a copy of the draft Award as it is currently subject to ‘without prejudice’ discussions with the Department although we have shared this with PSA Delegates for their feedback.

Briefly, the PSA has received member feedback and concerns regarding conditions of employment (including lack of) in the existing Award, particularly in relation to working hours, study leave, out of hours’ circuit travel and business kilometres whilst travelling on circuit for work.

The PSA requests that members review the current Award (found HERE) and determine what you would like to see changed, removed or improved in the new Award being negotiated. The PSA has developed a short survey for you to provide this feedback at

Your views will remain confidential and will be provided to the Department in a redacted form on behalf of all members.

Your union will meet with the Department in order to discuss member feedback including feedback which we provided last year.

We also encourage you to forward this bulletin to your colleagues who are Tipstaff or Associates, particularly if they are not PSA members and ask them to join the PSA to have their say on their working conditions.

The strength of the union is determined by its membership and delegates in the workplace. If you are interested in a role, or participating in any way, please contact your PSA staff:

Dean Allen Industrial Officer

Alex Sala Organiser

Know anyone who is not a member?

Ask them to join HERE.

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