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PSA directs Grooms work to rule from 18 November 2019

PSA directs Grooms work to rule from 18 November 2019 (PDF version)

Following long-standing pay and grading discrepancies with similar roles in NSW Police, the PSA put in a submission outlining the case for a review of the Role Description for Grooms, available HERE.

This came following an internal submission in 2016 that ultimately was not progressed following the disbanding of the Major Events and Incidents Group (MEIG).

Members are understandably frustrated with the ongoing delays and are sick of working beyond their Role Description when their pay and grading don’t match their actual duties.

If NSW Police is adamant about continuing to describe your role as essentially that of a Strapper/Stable Hand, then your actual duties should be modified accordingly.

PSA endorses work to rule

The PSA directs members to work to rule and refuse to undertake duties beyond those of a typical Strapper/Stablehand as they are not within the scope of the Role Descriptions.

Grooms should commence the following work to rule from morning shift Monday 18 November:

  • No vehicle checks
  • No administration of medication
  • No lunging/exercising of horses
  • No ordering of inventory
  • No supervision of work experience students/veterinary students

You are protected when following work to rule

Members are advised that:

  • This action has been approved by the General Secretary of the Public Service Association.
  • If members are directed to complete duties covered by the work to rule, they should decline and refer the Manager to a copy of this bulletin.

The PSA will have no hesitation enforcing your collective rights in the Industrial Relations Commission.

If you are being harassed or pressured because of the work to rule, please immediately contact your PSA industrial staff.

Andrew Wright Industrial Officer
0490 498 784

Roland Harris Organiser
0438 402 503

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