PSA holds first LCC with Newcastle Contact Centre management - Public Service Association

PSA holds first LCC with Newcastle Contact Centre management

Inaugural Newcastle Contact Centre – Local Consultative Committee

The PSA, represented by our Newcastle Contact Centre WPG executive, Janice Hartmann and Robbie Gratton, held the first ever Local Consultative Committee (LCC) with Newcastle Contact Centre management on 18 October 2018.

This has been the first time that the PSA has successfully exercised clause 6.3 of the Service NSW Award and it will greatly assist in being able to deal with local issues.

Below is a brief report on the main business of that meeting.

LCC Dates for 2019

The following dates have been confirmed for LCC meetings in 2019

  • 24 January 2019
  • 24 April 2019
  • 24 July 2019
  • 24 October 2019

Extended operating hours and recruitment

The PSA has been supportive of the introduction of the extended operating hours into the Award on the understanding that Service NSW would look to directly employ staff to undertake this work rather than using agency hire staff.

However, we have been disappointed to learn Service NSW has opted not to recruit these staff into Customer Service Representative roles (CSRs) Grade 3/4 and has instead opted to offer employment of the Customer Concierge Operator (CCO) Grade 2 role.

We also understand those who applied for the CSR roles, but have been offered the CCO roles, feel the process has not been transparent or fair.

The PSA raised these concerns with the business and they have deferred at this time to encourage staff to attend the ‘roadshow/briefing sessions’.

We encourage those people involved in this to attend those sessions and to ask questions. Ultimately, the PSA cannot make Service NSW offer CSR roles and we believe that there are benefits to being a public sector employee over agency hire staff, with ongoing staff having better opportunities to progress, along with improved job security and conditions of employment.

It ultimately comes down to an individual choice as to whether you accept the employment offer.

Service NSW is adamant there is a distinct difference between the CCO and CSR roles. Given that there is a significant difference in pay between the two roles, the PSA will work to hold Service NSW to account to ensure people do the work in the scope of their role.

Headsets and noise levels

This issue of noise was raised and we have a significant outcome with local management agreeing to undertake noise testing in the service centre, we will keep members informed as to progress with this.

Sick leave and toilet breaks

Some members have raised concerns there is an inconsistent approach across teams with requirements for medical certificates or whether they can take toilet breaks at the beginning or towards the end of their shift.

Management were emphatic there is no monitoring of staff about toilet breaks (unless there was specific individual concern) and that sick leave is treated in accordance with the managing sick leave policy.

The PSA can only encourage staff if they do have concerns to raise it with their team leader in the first instance and we will assist on a needs basis if required.

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