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PSA industrial update: casual Keepers, COVID-19 testing and a pay rise

Casual Keeper pay

The PSA continues the fight to ensure casual Keepers at Taronga Zoo are paid what they deserve. On Friday 16 July the PSA met with Taronga to explicitly state that if the rampant underpayment of casual Keepers was not addressed promptly, we would be lodging a dispute with the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW. Taronga subsequently gave an undertaking to the PSA that it will investigate the matter and return with its position by Friday 23 July.

The PSA wants to hear from casual Keepers currently paid at the trainee level who:

  1. Have 4+ years of service
  2. Have a Certificate III in Animal Husbandry

If you meet the criteria above, please contact your local delegate (details below) or PSA Organiser Chris Bird at so that the PSA can advocate for an increased rate of pay for you.

The PSA is also arguing that the Skillsbook should be eligible for retrospective completion by supervisors and managers for those keepers who did not have access to the book initially in their employment.

Targeted LGA compulsory COVID-19 testing 

The PSA would like to clarify for members when they should be accessing leave and when tasks related to COVID=19testing should be considered work time. Please find below common potential scenarios and what leave, if any, you should be accessing:

The LGA in which you live has been identified for compulsory testing (either regularly or as a one-off).
In this situation the testing should be considered as work time. Do not take any personal leave for this.

You do not live in a targeted LGA, however you have developed symptoms and are getting tested.
Access sick leave.

If you are having difficulties with the above scenarios, please contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679

PSA wins Taronga staff pay rise

The PSA would also like to congratulate all members who through the simple act of joining the PSA have helped to secure an effective 2.5 per cent pay rise for themselves and a large contingent of the NSW public service.

The PSA was able to advocate for members through a long and difficult fight to secure this pay rise. These annual pay rises do not occur automatically and are certainly not the result of a magnanimous management culture. The NSW Government fought the PSA every step of the way until it became too politically damaging for them to ignore your union and its members any longer.

This payrise is divided into a 2.04 per cent pay increase and a 0.5 per cent superannuation increase. Congratulations and thank you to all of our Taronga members, your non-union colleagues owe you a great deal!

Please encourage your colleagues to join the PSA so we can continue to advocate for all Taronga Staff at

Taronga Delegates


Claudia Bianchi
Emma Bembrick
Simon Faithfull
Toby Johnson

Joel Kerr  
Kevin Milton

PSA industrial staff

Industrial Officer Michael Sinclair
Organiser Chris Bird

Member Support Centre 1300 772 679

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