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PSA members bulletin – Consultation in Parliament House

Parliament House members bulletin – 7 October 2015 (PDF version)

On 19 August 2015, the PSA Parliament House Departmental Committee has passed the following motion:

We note that the restructures have taken place in response to the labour expense cap and efficiency dividend imposed by Treasury and enforced by the government in every department across the entire public sector, including the NSW Parliament.

We note that the restructure of IT and Maintenance will not be the last sections in the NSW Parliament to be reviewed, and therefore take this opportunity to reiterate our opposition to any privatisation, outsourcing and contracting out of services as well as public sector job cuts.

We resolve that management be requested that in the future:

1. Restructuring plans are consulted with current NSW Parliament House staff before being signed off by the Presiding Officers;

2. Prior to the drafting of any restructure plans, management is to engage with current NSW Parliament House staff to help inform the process; and

3. Any proposed savings from a restructure are to be made transparent and available to all relevant employees and the PSA Workplace Group.

The Executive Manager of the Department of Parliamentary Services has been formally notified of the motion, and the PSA will be seeking assurances in relation to consultation at the next meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee on 26 October 2015.

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