PSA Members in Schools Directed to Ban WBS IO! – May (pdf version)

All PSA members working in schools across NSW are directed to BAN use of the WBS IO solution until further notice.

This ban has been brought on by members’ extreme frustration at the Department of Education’s unwillingness to fully recognise and acknowledge the impacts and limitations of the Work Breakdown Structure – Internal Orders (WBS IO) solution and its argument that this is just a training and confidence issue and does not impact on workload, work intensification and change fatigue for SAS Staff.

Correspondence to the PSA gives the impression that the system is more important to the Department than SAS Staff and has not dealt with the fact that the WBS IO solution which “represents an integral and fundamental change to the way principals manage their budgets“ has meant yet another increase in workload for administrative staff.

As a result, the following direction is given by the General Secretary to all members who are required to use the WBS IO solution:

The PSA bans use of the WBS IO Solution in all schools due to members’ continuing concerns with the administrative burden and increased workload.

The solution is now the subject of an industrial ban for reasons including, but not limited to, the following:

  • lack of consultation in relation to the recently distributed WBS IO Term 2 Support Kit and the Cost Allocation Guiding Principles
  • continuing amendments required to previous allocations on a fortnightly basis resulting in an unacceptable level of risk to members’ health and safety.
  • lack of confidence in relation to variables in calculation of allocations and what is termed ‘significant’ as detailed in the Guiding Principles


The PSA directs all members to maintain this ban until such time as we advise that it has been lifted.

Support your colleagues who are following bans

Remember that the PSA bans relate to the whole of a task and process. This means no member, no matter what classification they are, should pick up work that is the result of a colleague following the direction of their union.

If you are requested to take on the work, advise your principal that the work is currently the subject of an industrial ban and you are unable to complete it.

Members are protected when following bans

Members are advised that:

  1. This industrial action has been approved by the General Secretary of the Public Service Association of NSW
  2. Any direction to perform work covered by these bans can be refused without personal risk.

Should members receive any type of threat for refusing to break the bans they should contact their local Delegate. For a list of your delegates click HERE.

If issues are raised with you about your compliance with the ban, provide your principal with a copy of this bulletin and politely explain that you have been directed by your union not to undertake this work.

Sign up your colleagues

You can support the work of the PSA and your local delegates by asking your colleagues to JOIN their union.


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