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PSA negotiates re-instatement of 25 ongoing jobs in Corporate Services Restructure

PSA negotiates re-instatement of 25 ongoing jobs in Corporate Services Restructure – June 2018 (PDF version)

FACS – Corporate Services Transformation Proposed Structures Restructure Management Plans 1 & 2

The PSA wrote to FACS on 30 April 2018 regarding Corporate Services Transformation proposed structures RMP1 & RMP2.

At the last consultative meeting held on 26 March 2018, the PSA requested the final structures for employees in the Finance and Strategy, Strategic Sourcing area be subject to a review. This was in light of the decision that FACS Head Office would no longer be relocating to Olympic Park and existing sites would continue to operate until an alternate site was decided. These locations included:

  • Bligh Street
  • Strawberry Hills
  • Ashfield x 4 buildings
  • Liverpool

The PSA raised the following concerns:-

  • Affected FACS employees believe the ‘Current Final Structure’ is not viable as there will not be sufficient staff to undertake the ongoing work due to the continued tenancy of the Sydney Head Office sites.
  • There is a clear need for a number of additional roles – even if they are time limited (possibly 2-3 years) pending any future relocation to one consolidated site.
  • The Association is aware of other Corporate Service areas that are also subject to a review including: ICT, Finance, Records Management and Payroll due to the unanticipated consequences of the ADHC COM step down delays, which also may need maintenance of staffing roles for up to 2-3 years.

The PSA requested the outcome of the agreed review and the rational for a revised decision.

The Review Outcomes were advised to the Association on 31 May 2018. To read them, click HERE.

(a) Finance and Strategy – Strategic Sourcing

As part of FACS commitment to review corporate services final structures in Finance and Strategy and Strategic Sourcing in light of the Board’s decision not to relocate to Sydney Olympic Park in 2019 and the extension of Ashfield leases to 2022, FACS board approved the following changes:

  • Accommodation Strategy and Fleet and Office Services: A total of 11 roles in Strategic Sourcing were originally identified as time-limited due to the consolidation of FACS’ Central Office. The FACS Board has recently agreed to convert these 11 time limited roles to ongoing roles (refer to Tab A for a copy of the final updated structure attached which highlights these roles – shaded in green).

(b) Finance, Records Management and Payroll

In relation to a review in other areas in Corporate Services including ICT, Finance, Records Management and Payroll, FACS wishes to advise the following:

  • Finance – Assets and Major Infrastructure. FACS has approved a total of 10 additional roles to the Finance Corporate Services structure (refer Tab B). These include:
  • 1 x Manager (Clerk Grade 11/12) – Asset Maintenance and Compliance
  • 1 x Manager (Clerk Grade 11/12) – Lease Administration and Asset Services
  • 2 x Senior Property Officers (Clerk Grade 9/10)
  • 4 x District Property Officers (Clerk Grade 7/8)
  • 2 x Lease/Finance Officers (Clerk Grade 7/8)
  • Payroll FAGS – A total of 4 Payroll Clerk time limited roles (2 x Clerk Grade 3/4 and 2 x Clerk Grade 1/2) reporting to the Director Payroll were originally identified as time­ limited due to the consolidation of FACS’ Central Office. FACS has now agreed to convert these 4 time limited payroll roles to ongoing roles.

The re-instatement of 25 ongoing jobs and a number of ongoing time limited roles into FACS Corporate Services is a great result for members and delegates.

As discussed at the FACS/PSA RMP1 and RMP2 Consultative meeting on 30 May further advice will be provided to the Association on ICT roles once the review outcome has been approved.

NDIS Mobility Pathway briefing

Following a briefing of PSA delegates on the 16 May 2018 the Association wrote to NSW Industrial Relations on 28 May 2018 click HERE.

The Association raised a number of concerns around a change to the Mobility Pathway operating principles and the terms of reference for a review of the NDIS

Mobility Pathway program a response was received by the PSA on the 1 June 2018 and can be viewed HERE.

With the clock ticking until the winding up of the Mobility Pathway program on the 30 June 2018 and the commencement of the proposed FACS Corporate Services structures, the PSA would appreciate members with any outstanding issues to contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or by email .

The PSA will be making a submission to the NDIS Mobility Pathway Review team through the DPC/NSW IR. Member feedback on issues is important. To have these matters included in the submission or if you seek to be considered for a focus group please email the PSA Industrial officer .

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