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PSA Pursues Training and Protects Members Rights

GASO Training Coming Soon

Following representations from the PSA at the JCC in February, the Police Force has started work on a training program for GASOs. This plan, which the PSA has been calling for more than a decade, was recently championed by the Business Managers Forum. It is a significant step forward and is an encouraging sign of commitment to the administrative workforce.

The intention is to develop a course that provides an enhanced level of standardisation and consistency. GASO training has been to date delivered locally at command level, which places a heavy burden on managers and GASOs who provide on-the-job training.  The course will be on-line, hosted in the NSWPF Learning Management System (PETE) and will be linked into existing learning resources such as TRIM.

The PSA will continue to work with management to ensure timely implementation of the training.

PoliceLink Staffing

PoliceLink is suffering from a staffing crisis. They have recently taken on a new stream of work which is forcing many staff to work day shift, resulting in significant loss of penalties. Many staff are leaving to work for other agencies which pay better, putting at risk Police’s ability to respond to 000 calls. We are holding meetings with members at Tuggerah and Lithgow and have a meeting with PoliceLink management in the next few days.

Baseline Vetting

Police have implemented baseline vetting for all promotions and transfers on administrative officers. All current staff have a temporary clearance, but it is not clear what happens to their substantive position if they fail to receive a clearance for a promotion. The issue was raised at the JCC last week and the PSA is awaiting a detailed briefing from Workforce Relations.

Public Holiday Issues for Permanent Part Time Staff

Under the Police Admin Award, employees receive an alternative day off or a day’s pay where a public holiday falls on a day they are not rostered for duty. Police are denying this entitlement to permanent part time staff. Members from PoliceLink and Parramatta PAC have raised concerns with the union. The PSA is of a view that this is a breach of the Award. A meeting was held last week with Workforce Relations and we await their response.


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