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PSA raises the roof on safety

Members at Blacktown Court House recently raised concerns with the PSA regarding a leaking roof and mouldy smell that was impacting on their Work Health and Safety.

After raising these concerns with management approval was given to replace the entire roof at Blacktown Local Court, and these works will commence this financial year.

The Registrar has been advised to ensure Blacktown staff are aware the roof will be replaced.  Following this, there will be solar panels installed, and interior ceiling/carpet tiles damaged by water replaced.

WHS training for PSA members

It is important that members are able to raise any WHS risks so that these risks can be mitigated.

Please look into PSA training sessions HERE that might interest you on this subject.

You are entitled to up to 12 days (over a two-year period) of Special Leave to attend union training, such as the ones detailed above.

Wage increase

The PSA has written to the Premier of NSW to lodge a claim for a wage increase of at least 3.6 per cent.

This claim is above the NSW Government’s Public Sector Wages Cap of 2.5 per cent. In light of current inflation, this restrictive wage cap means the NSW Government is once again expecting Public Servants to accept real wage cuts. The NSW Government currently remains wedded to this restrictive wage cap, even though experts such as the Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe warning for several years that public sector pay caps are entrenching low wage growth. Mr Lowe has previously stated he wanted a “return to wage growth starting with a 3”.  The PSA will be campaigning over the coming months for the Government to abandon this counterproductive, and unfair, wages cap.

Know a non-member?

Talk to your colleagues and ask them to join the PSA, and the campaign for higher wages, today at

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