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Course Descriptions

NEW Course Descriptions for Training at the PSA

We are very excited to introduce our NEW Training Schedule at the PSA. We have designed our training for our workplace delegates and leader to go on a union journey.

For NEW Delegates and Workplace Leaders:

Introduction to the Union Part 1 (2 Days)

This NEW 2-day course is designed to give workplace delegates the skills and knowledge they need to build power at their workplaces.

You will explore the importance of unions, history and the values that underpin them. You will develop your skills utilising tools such as mapping, recruitment conversations and problem-solving frameworks to build power.

You will leave with:

  • clear sense of what your role is and how you contribute to the overall goals of the union in growing big and building power.
  • The ability and confidence to sign-up new members and handle objections about joining the union
  • confidence to deal with members issues
  • ability to empower and build confidence in other members about the PSA
  • knowledge to build capacity in the workplace through mapping
  • knowledge of union structures and history
  • ability to be able to run workplace meetings and set up structures.

For ADVANCED Delegates and Workplace Leaders:

Introduction to the Union Part 2 ADVANCED LEADERS (2 Days) *COMING LATER IN 2022

This NEW 2-day course will be for advanced delegates displaying leadership in the workplace. You will review what you learned in Part 1 and focus more deeply on the structured organising conversation, negotiation skills theory and practice. You will have the opportunity to do a workplace visit with an Organiser and use the skills you have learned to talk to members. You learn how to identify and develop other leaders and learn about tasking vs responsibility. You will leave with a:

  • clear plan to organise your workplace
  • confidence in developing other members
  • enhanced negotiation skills and knowledge
  • confident structured organising conversation skills.

Growing your Workplace and Building Power

Recruitment Conversations for Delegates

This is a 1-day course designed for active delegates and members who have an interest in developing and improving their conversation skills focussing on the structured organising conversation. You will be able to recognise the purpose of the different parts of the conversation. You will be able to demonstrate each part of the conversation and recall the framework, handle objections and answer difficult questions effectively. You will develop confidence in using the structured conversation framework to take on potentially difficult conversations and you will be provided feedback on your strengths and on areas for improvement.

Women in the Union

At this 1-day course you will learn about the important role women have and play in building strong unions. You will explore the history of women’s participation in the workforce and the union, dealing with workplace sexual harassment, power and assertiveness.

You will learn about your rights, entitlements and responsibilities in the workplace. You will learn about the barriers still facing women in workforce today and explore the reasons behind pay inequity. You will become more familiar about public sector flexible work practices. You will leave empowered to change your workplaces to be more equitable toward women.

*Content warning: this course contains discussion of sexual harassment and assault. It’s not graphic, but it can be triggering if you’ve experienced it. Enrol with caution if you think it may affect you.

Running effective meetings

This training is aimed at experienced delegates who would like to improve their communication skills to being both effective and efficient. You will focus learning effective communication techniques such as strategic conversations. You will be become efficient in running your workplace meetings to get the best results.

Dealing with Members Issues and organising your Workplaces

This course equips new delegates with skills and knowledge to assist members facing disciplinary action or experiencing workplace bullying. You will learn to apply the problem-solving framework when resolving members issues. You will be able to share and apply knowledge of rights and entitlements. You will develop plans when helping members with workplace disciplinary actions or bullying.

Recruitment Conversations/Getting Organised

This course is ideal for delegates who want a refresher or new delegates who want to learn new skills. This course will build on your existing conversation skills with a deep focus on recruiting new members and finding out what members issues are, educating non-members about the union and moving them to action. You will learn how to strategically organise your workplace by using workplace mapping & planning to build power and activism.

Public Speaking/Induction Preparation

This course is aimed at members/delegates who want to improve their communication and public speaking skills. This course will provide you with techniques and tools to give you the confidence to speak at workplace meetings, inductions and conferences. You will focus on preparing and building up a script. You will practice and be offered feedback for improvement.

Social Media / Communication Skills for Delegates

This course is aimed at all delegates who have an interest in updating their communication skills focussing on social media. You will be shown the latest technology and how to use it at a workplace level.  You will be guided through policy and protocols for workplaces. Ideal for members and delegate who have an interest in media and communication.

Work, Health and Safety

The course looks at various rights, entitlements and obligations under the WHS Act 2011 that underpin a safe and healthy workplace, including: Finding your way around the WHS Act; WHS duties – who has a WHS duty and what is that duty; Consultation – the what, when and how of proper workplace consultation; Issue Resolution using WHS legislation – is my issue covered under WHS legislation?; Health & Safety Representatives (HSR) – what is a HSR and how do you get one?; Risk management and workplace inspections.

Mental Health

Stigma around talking mental health at work? Not sure how to help someone who is struggling? How can we change that and build a positive, inclusive workplace culture? We look at information, strategies and resources that can help support people with mental health issues and encourage them to seek professional help if concerned. We also look at some useful strategies to manage stress and build personal resilience.

**Content warning: Please be aware that we do discuss suicide and suicide prevention, and we ask that you be mindful of your own health when considering enrolling for this course.

Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Designed to assist members and delegates to understand what constitutes bullying and how to prevent and manage bullying and harassment at work. We look at relevant legislation and guidance materials, incident reporting and practical strategies and processes that can assist.

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