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PSA update: School Psychologists

Psychs Update - March 2021 (PDF version)

A PSA School Psychologist members’ meeting was held on 23 February 2021.

The PSA thanked members who gave their feedback on the proposed amendment to the Education Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020. The consensus was that the amendment would be contrary to the professional and ethical guidelines of School Psychologists and detrimental to students’ mental health and wellbeing.

The finalised PSA submission will be made available to members when completed.

An update was provided on current industrial issues. These include:

  • the Department of Education’s failure to consult with the PSA about its decision not to implement a 2021 salary determination for school psychologists;
  • the impact of the recent IRC decision on public sector wages;
  • the growing inequity in salaries and conditions between school counsellors and school psychologists;
  • the lack of recognition of prior experience and skills;
  • confused reporting lines, especially when psychologists are working across multiple school sites;
  • the Department’s lack of transparency with 2020 Masters graduates about changes to the salary structure for this group;
  • the impact of 100 nurses on School Wellbeing Services; and
  • the need to ensure a sustainable workforce with equitable pay and conditions which necessitates immediate action to develop a new industrial award specifically for school psychologists.

Members can be assured that the PSA will continue to actively pursue these matters on your behalf.  We will keep you informed of the next steps. 

Election of Delegates

The good news is that the number of school psychologist members is increasing. The PSA is now seeking the election of three delegates – two from the Sydney metropolitan area and one from regional NSW, in reflection of the distribution of the membership.

Delegates are the day-to-day face of the PSA in the workplace and assist in protecting and advancing the interests and rights of members in the workplace. The on-the-ground knowledge and experience of Delegates is invaluable. 

Find out more about the role and responsibilities of a union Delegate HERE.

The PSA provides a comprehensive training course for new Delegates. All fee-paying members can attend union training courses using Special Leave for Trade Union Training – up to 12 days every two years.

Training courses are delivered face-to-face at PSA House in Sydney, face-to-face in regions and through online workshops. Find out more HERE. Union Delegates will be supported and guided by PSA Staff.

The formal Call for Nominations for the School Psychologist Vocational Advisory Group will send out to all members shortly. The advisory group will meet quarterly and provide expert advice to the PSA on workplace issues of collective concern.



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