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PSA Welcomes New Community Corrections Officers!

PSA Welcomes New Community Corrections Officers - April 2021 (PDF Version)

As announced in a previous bulletin HERE, the PSA welcomed the recent announcement of additional funding to support the fantastic work you all do in keeping the community safe and reducing recidivism by creating approximately 140 new ongoing roles. It is because of our collective strength through members like you that we are able to advocate so effectively.

Last week, PSA representatives spoke to the first of this cohort at Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy (BFCSA) and most of these new starters are now in the union. We will speak to further classes as they come through between now and the end of the year.

Starting in any new workplace can be daunting but Community Corrections can be a particularly steep learning curve and a challenging environment. The successful integration of these new starters will greatly assist in addressing the workload concerns members have raised for many years.

The PSA encourages you to introduce yourselves to those in your office and make sure they feel welcome and supported. Given the nature of the work you do, it is also critical that every new starter has the benefit and support of union protection in the workplace.

Please make sure you talk to new starters in your office about JOINING THE PSA, particularly once they have returned from BFCSA.

As ever, if you have ongoing workload concerns in your office that are not being adequately addressed through local management strategies, please contact your PSA staff:

Roland Harris – Industrial Officer

Chris Auld – Organiser

For assistance with any individual matter, please contact the PSA’s Member Support Centre in the first instance on 1300 772 679 or

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