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PSA wins 2.5 per cent pay rise

PSA Wins 2.5% Pay Rise (pdf version)

The PSA and combined unions have successfully received agreement for a 2.5 per cent pay increase for all TfNSW members. This is the maximum amount that could be won under this government’s wages policy. If you want to read more about TfNSW offer and the PSA’s steps, you can read our bulletin from Wednesday, 30 June 2021 HERE.

Keep reading if you want to know more about this historic win:

There had been ongoing uncertainty about the wage rise our members in TfNSW were going to secure, including back pay if the PSA, combined unions and TfNSW were unable to come to an agreement by 1 July 2021. Given the PSA had locked in a 2.5 per cent wage rise last year when the rest of the NSW public service effectively received a pay cut with a 0.3 per cent wage rise, it was thought TfNSW was not going to engage in negotiating a wage rise higher than the original offer of 1.5 per cent.

The PSA, combined Unions and TfNSW were able to reach an in principle agreement on your Awards. To do this, the PSA met with your elected delegates committee on 30 June 2021 to seek directions on whether the PSA was to accept TfNSW’s offer. Guided by our membership through surveys, the delegates were able to endorse the offer from TfNSW.

The PSA was then able to advise TfNSW on 30 June 2021 there was in principle agreement.

While the PSA and TfNSW have reached in principle agreement, including the 2.5 per cent wage rise, several administrative matters are to be resolved between TfNSW and the PSA and combined unions before TfNSW lodges the Awards in the IRC. However, as in principle agreement has been reached, members covered by the following Awards will receive the entire 2.5 per cent wage rise (2.04 per cent salary, 0.5 per cent superannuation) effective in the first full pay period from 1 July 2021:

  • Roads and Maritime Services School Crossings Supervisors Award 2019;
  • Transport for New South Wales and Sydney Metro Salaries and Conditions of Employment Award 2019; and
  • Roads and Maritime Services Consolidated Salaried Award 2019.

The PSA and the combined unions remain disappointed with the unprofessional conduct of TfNSW in these negotiations. TfNSW put their offers to the combined unions at the last minute without any assurances they would be able to back pay if the unions did not reach agreement on or before the Awards expired. TfNSW approach to back pay was despite any late agreement being due to their tardiness.

As a result of this behaviour the combined unions intend to push negotiations for the next award negotiation to commence as soon as possible. As these Awards are only for 12 months, we hope those negotiations will commence in the coming months.

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