PSA wins reinstatement of Senior Community Corrections Officer offers – update - Public Service Association

PSA wins reinstatement of Senior Community Corrections Officer offers – update

Reinstatement Update - Dec 2020 (PDF version)

Following a letter sent by the PSA to CSNSW in October, as well as ongoing advocacy over the last few weeks, CSNSW has agreed to reverse their decision on the withdrawal of the Senior Community Corrections Officer (SCCO) offers.

The details of the issue are outlined in a previous bulletin HERE.

Furthermore, for the sake of equity, those from the relevant classes who did not apply due to being told they were not within the cut-off period, will be afforded a unique opportunity to apply for SCCO progression.

Members who already applied and had offers withdrawn do not need to re-apply.  However, those in the August and September 2016 Academy classes who did not previous apply will be given a unique opportunity to do so.

The intention is for these appointments to be aligned with the same commencement date as previously – 27 September 2020. Relevant members should now have been contacted by the Department.

Progression to SCCO is an important career path step for many members and it is good to see that the appointments have been reinstated.

This is a really great outcome and demonstrates the importance of being in the union to collectively protect your rights in the workplace.

If you have any non-members at your site, particularly those who have benefited from PSA advocacy on this matter, ask them to join the PSA at

Your PSA staff

Leonie Wright Organiser
Roland Harris Industrial Officer

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