Reminder – Feedback needed from Corporate Services

Reminder – Feedback needed from Corporate Services (pdf version)

Thank you to all PSA members who dialed into the combined unions Corporate Services meeting. It was great to see so many members engaged in this process. We want to remind members that there were three things all the unions asked of members to help us in this campaign to protect your working conditions.

  1. Provide feedback to the consultation mailbox. We want members to “flood” this inbox with their concerns around this process.
  2. Complete the Unions NSW survey HERE. This survey is designed so unions can ensure we get frank feedback on this process.
  3. Talk to your colleagues about your concerns and encourage them to complete steps 1 and 2. If they are not union members tell them to join the PSA to help protect their working conditions.

Not a member?  The PSA is in your corner, join today at

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