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Reporting Services Branch: accessing COVID-19 Special Leave

Under the NSW Government Circular C2020-01, if members are required to self-isolate, they can either work from home or, if the Department is unable to set up working from home arrangements, they are to be put on Special Leave. A link to the Circular can be found HERE.

The PSA understands that members who have underlying health conditions have been told to self-isolate by their doctors. A number of members have requested Special Leave where working from home arrangements could not be made.

Unfortunately, RSB Management have denied these requests for Special Leave and advised members that they would have to use their own types of accrued leave.

In light of this, the PSA filed a dispute which was before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) last Friday, 3 April 2020.

Following the submissions made by the PSA to the IRC the Department has now reversed its decision and undertaken to grant Special Leave if members are able to provide medical evidence which states they need to self-isolate due to their underlying medical conditions.

We encourage members to contact the PSA if they are still having trouble getting access to Special Leave.

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