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Restructure – NSW Ombudsman

Restructure – NSW Ombudsman – May 2019 (PDF version)

The most recent meeting the PSA had with Ombudsman NSW was attended by the Ombudsman. The PSA found the meeting positive and informative.

Whilst the Ombudsman still has 1 July as the target date for the restructure that is not written in stone. He acknowledged the need for a proper process of consultation with the union prior to its finalisation. If need be the date will be moved to accommodate the consultation needs.

Assistant Ombudsman roles have been appointed and they will have an influence on the Change Management Plan that will be presented to the PSA for comment.

Apart from the two Official Community Visitor staff, five people were advised that they could be suitability assessed for the Aging and Disability Commission. If uninterested or unsuccessful they will be absorbed within the new structure. The Ombudsman advised that whilst he is unable to confirm that all existing employees will retain employment, the intention of the restructure is not to shed numbers.

The PSA requested that consideration be given to making permanent those fixed term employees who meet the Long Term Temp requirements. The Ombudsman advised that he would view the matter and advise the PSA accordingly.

For this to occur the provisions of the GSE Act would need to be met.

The PSA sought that the option to swap be considered if an employee who maintained a position was happy to do so with an employee who was made excess. They will consider this.

The PSA discussed other issues including those relating to security. In particular, we expressed our concern relating to CCTV for interview rooms not being operational.

Management had been aware of problem with the CCTV but had thought it was rectified and were not aware it was still not operational. We were advised that this will be resolved when money becomes available. We were advised that risk assessments have been conducted in the meantime.

The PSA expressed a strong concern regarding this. We have sought the office’s safety policy so we can review it. WHS will be added to the agenda of future JCCs. The PSA will look further into this issue.

In the meantime, members should be aware that they can refuse to participate in actions that are unsafe. Further they should put in incident reports where situations arise. They should also put in incident reports for near misses.

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