Returning Officer's email - Public Service Association

Returning Officer’s email

Dear candidate,

Since the opening of the ballot, I have discovered errors in the candidate statement booklet that was mailed with three ballot papers, declaration envelope  and a reply paid envelope.

As a result of this and to prevent any irregularity, I am taking the following actions under Section 193 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009:

  • Post fresh ballot papers and a new candidate statement booklet to all eligible members not allocated to sub-branch1.
  • Extend closing date of the ballot to 6 July 2016
  • Send the attached Notice to all eligible voters explaining what has occurred and
  • Advise all candidates via email today about the actions I am proposing to take.

Please find attached  copy of the Notice that will be sent with the fresh ballot material to all eligible members not allocated to Sub-branch 1 as above.

Please note that for the 312 members of the POA branch there is no change to the ballot as their candidate statement booklet has no errors.

That ballot will close on 22 June 2016 but will not be counted until 6 July 2016 along with all the others.

This Notice can be uploaded to your team website so members are aware they are not to send ballot material that has already been issued as this will be disregarded.

The colour of the ballot papers is not being altered so the how to vote material that may have been distributed to voters is still correct.



Noopur Madan | Returning Officer
Industrial & Commercial Elections | NSW State Office
Australian Electoral Commission

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