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Revenue NSW Gosford relocation update

Revenue NSW – Gosford relocation update PDF Version

The PSA has been representing Gosford-affected members who cannot relocate to Gosford.

As a result of on-going union representation, we are pleased to advise that a decision has been made at Revenue NSW whereby hiring managers must directly match Gosford-affected staff (who are in the talent pool and cannot relocate) to vacant roles as they come up – prior to these roles being advertised.

As we understand it, if hiring managers do not match these staff, they need to explain the reasons why to the Deputy Secretary.

The PSA made a formal request to the DFSI Employee Relations team for this process of direct matching to apply to Gosford-affected Fair Trading Contact Centre staff.

The PSA was advised last week at the Gosford Joint Consultative Committee that the process of direct matching would now apply to Gosford-affected staff at the Fair Trading Contact Centre.

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