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Revenue NSW: Industrial update

Industrial Update - March 2021 (PDF version)

Your union met with the Department on 25 March 2021 to discuss a number of members’ issues. The following matters were discussed:

Bandwidth change within Fines and Debts team 7:00am to 7:00pm

The Department stressed this change has been communicated to staff as a temporary change to address a gap in service to meet customer needs and will be revisited.

Members who have specific concerns due to their circumstances are advised to discuss this with their manager to find a resolution. If you would like advice on how to approach this conversation, please contact the Member Support Centre.

Meal allowance

As a result of the PSA’s advocacy on behalf of members, meal allowances will now be paid appropriately.

The Department advised that the system error which led GovConnect to not paying the correct meal allowance has largely been resolved. The Department is still working to address outstanding tickets.

If you have worked overtime and were not paid a meal allowance, the PSA recommends you email your manager to apply for a retrospective payment. There may have been occasions where you were not entitled, but management should clarify why. If you were entitled, you should be paid.


Members at Revenue NSW Maitland have raised concerns that an increase in automation will impact Grade 1/2 roles. 

The Department gave assurances that Grade 1/2s will continue to perform vital functions for Revenue NSW. For those who are interested, Grade 1/2s will be given upskilling and further training opportunities, including the option to act in Grade 3/4 positions for six months to gain experience.

Further information on this is expected.

Fines Debt team call taking

Concerns were raised on behalf of Members in the Fines Debt team due to the increased workload by taking calls. The Department advised multiskilling was occurring in many areas to meet customer demands and this was a temporary change.

It has become clear the temporary changes to meet customer needs are not adequate to meet demand. In response the Department advised it has received approval to recruit a further 25 employees across these areas. This is expected to have a positive impact.

If you have further concerns in relation to any of these matters, please contact the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or advise your local delegate.

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