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RMS IVR meal allowance bulletin

Meal allowance update to PSA RMS members – April 2016 (PDF version)

At the February 2016 PSA IVR Advisory Group meeting, an issue was raised concerning meal allowance payments whilst travelling away in the field. The issue was specifically around Inspector Enforcement Officers (Formerly IVRs) on the 0001-0800 shifts being paid the meal allowance for lunch on the last shift.

The PSA Advisory Group raised the issue with RMS Human Resources (HR).

In response the following has been received from RMS HR:

‘Whilst we are not aware of any formal local agreement reached previously on this issue, I am advised that while Inspectors are working away on overnight travel, and specifically working on a midnight shift 0001-0800 hours, that for the fifth day Inspectors are usually reimbursed both a breakfast and lunch meal allowance if all the conditions of the RMS Consolidated Salaried Award 2014 are met.’

This bulletin is being sent to PSA members working in the field on 0001-0800 shifts for future reference.

If any PSA member has difficulty in receiving the meal allowance please raise with your local management and Advisory Committee Delegate in the first instance.

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