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Rural Fire Service Award update

Rural Fire Service Award update – July 2018 (PDF version)

The RFS and PSA have met on a number of occasions to discuss the review of the RFS Award. The discussions aim to achieve consensus points where both parties agree on principles the award is to be based on.

To date, discussions have covered RFS Officer Classifications and Work Hours and the next meeting, scheduled for 1 August 2018, will cover allowances. The meetings have been successful in achieving consensus points. The PSA believes the discussions have been genuine and we will continue to drive discussions based on member feedback.

The next report back to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) is set for 24 August 2018. The PSA will continue to utilise the IRC to ensure a new award that is in the interest of members is delivered. Further information will be shared to members as discussions continue.

Keelty Report

As members would know the Keelty Report and the government response have been released. Copies of those documents can be found HERE.

The Government response to the inquiry is set to have an impact on how call and dispatch occurs in NSW RFS and will change how business currently occurs. Whilst the detail of how call and dispatch will operate is yet to be worked out, the PSA is committed to ensuring best outcomes for affected members, that is retention and redeployment opportunities for affected Operational Communications Centre Staff and ensuring the radios are removed from members’ homes.

The PSA will be writing to the NSW RFS Commissioner to ensure the PSA is involved and consulted with the development of the new call and dispatch framework for NSW. The PSA is committed to seeing that the future system is not tokenistic in approach and genuinely addresses members concerns of best outcomes for the NSW community, WHS and separation of the work place from the home environment.

Further updates

Your union will continue to update members on the developments with the Award Variation and will be visiting workplaces to update members.

If you would like to arrange a meeting at your workplace please email Andrew Boulton at .

As always the PSA welcomes member’s feedback. Should you have any questions or comments please contact your delegate firstly and if required the PSA.

Your NSW RFS delegates are:

Jim Killen

Ivan Perkins

Chris Wallbridge

Kam Baker

Ashley Frank

Damian Oborn

Andrew Kaye

Bradley Stewart

Lindsey Flynn

Your PSA staff:

Andrew Boulton – PSA Industrial Officer

Kirra Jackson – PSA Organiser

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