Rural Fire Service Award update - Public Service Association

Rural Fire Service Award update

RFS Award Update - May 2021 (PDF version)

Thank you to all Rural Fire Service (RFS) members who attended our meeting on Tuesday 27 April. As we advised, we are collating questions gathered from the meeting and we will be providing responses via both bulletin and regional meetings.

Over the next week we will be providing bulletins breaking down each of the areas of the principles.

We will then provide a survey seeking your views on each principle. To have your say, you need to be a member. Non-members can join at

To clarify the RFS’s recent communication on 22 April 2021, we encourage your employer to engage in consultation with staff as it is obligated. But to be clear, the PSA is the exclusive representative of RFS employees and we are party to the Award in this capacity. The RFS is party to the Award as the employer, not as your representative. The PSA consenting to this Award is subject to you, the members, supporting it. If you are not a member, we strongly encourage you to join the union. 

We are holding meetings in the coming fortnight. A separate bulletin will be sent out shortly with times and dates.



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