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Rural Fire Service bulletin 18 December 2014 (PDF version)

Agreed Absences – Award variation

The PSA recently conducted an electronic ballot to respond to a RFS proposal to vary the Agreed Absences provisions of your award. The proposal sought to move the reconciliation period to the financial year.

Voting closed on 9 December 2014 and there was a 57% return, which is well above the average participation rate.

91% were in favour of the change.

The PSA has written to the RFS to confirm that we agree to the variation of the award on a trial basis until such time as the award is reviewed (scheduled for 2015).

We would like to thank members and delegates for their input and assistance throughout this process.

OCSC role descriptions review

The review of role descriptions for staff in the Operational Customer Service Centre has recently concluded with a number of positions being regraded to a higher classification. Affected staff may either accept a job evaluation allowance or attempt to be appointed to the role through merit selection. Please speak to delegates in the first instance if you have questions. If further assistance is required, please call the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Entitlements and conditions – On-call and After Hours

The PSA is continuing negotiations with the RFS about these issues. We are particularly concerned about inconsistent practices between districts and regions, and various workload and rostering issues.

Our ability to achieve a favourable outcome for members relies on the information you give us. Your PSA delegates welcome any feedback about these and other issues of concern.

Member Benefits

Our valued member benefits support program.

Union Membership - Unity Strength Respect

As a union member, you are part of Australia’s biggest social movement. Your union’s strength lies in its size; the more voices we have, the greater our power to bargain for better pay, conditions and benefits. Join your union today.

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