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Salaries Case to continue

Salaries Case Update - Aug 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA’s fight for a salary increase will continue later this month after the hearing did not conclude before the Full Bench on the additional days allocated for the matter (being 24, 30 and 31 July).

An additional three days have been set aside for 10,11 and 12 August to try and finalise the matter.

The matter has been seriously delayed by the Government’s refusal to provide documents under a summons, due to claims of legal privilege and a claim for cabinet in confidence.

At the hearing on Friday 31 July the Government was given until Wednesday 5 August to provide documents and make a formal claim as to why the documents should not be produced. Any application to withhold these documents will then be heard on Monday 10 August before the Full Bench.

Cross examination of the Government’s witnesses will then continue later on Monday 10 August 2020.

It is anticipated that final submissions will be made on Wednesday 12 August, and a decision issued as quickly as possible after that.

However further delay is possible. We will keep you updated.

The PSA has already raised its intention to seek back pay under the ‘special circumstances’ provision of the Regulation if the Government does not provide a guarantee that it will agree to back date any salary increase awarded by the Full Bench.

Despite continued efforts by the PSA, the Government has repeatedly refused to do so to date.

The PSA, it should be remembered, first wrote to the Government in December last year about our claim and lodged this application in early March 2020.

We will continue to pursue a fair and reasonable outcome for our members through every means possible.


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