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SAO Science bulletin

SAO Science bulletin – June 2019 (PDF version)

The PSA was approached by School Administrative Officers working in Science to set up a mechanism to enable them to raise their particular issues so that we can take them up with the Department of Education.

This week a group of SAOs came to PSA House to enable us to talk with them about the best way of representing their interests and how they can contribute to doing this.

The main issues that were raised were:

  • Safety – working with chemicals and lab equipment can create an unsafe working environment for those who have not been properly trained.
  • Training – our members emphasised that training is vital to anyone taking on this role and people should have training before they can start the role.
  • Recognition – SAOs who work in science are undertaking a very particular role, one unlike that of other SAOs, and the possibility of setting up a group to specifically represent those SAO’s who are working in Science Laboratories.
  • Increased workload because of “new” Syllabus

In order to progress this agenda, it is proposed that a SAO in Science Advisory Group be established.  This group, like the General Assistants Advisory Group, and the Special Education Working Group would provide representation for issues particular to the group, such as safety and training.

Elections for delegates to be part of this group will soon be organised.  We would like to update our records to identify members currently in this role so that you can take part in the election of these delegates.

Please press HERE for a link to send an email response updating your details if this applies to you.

If you know someone who is a SAO and works in Science, please pass this onto them.

Do you know someone who is not a member? Get them to JOIN ONLINE.

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