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SAP HR payroll – WBS/IO update

SAP HR payroll – WBS/IO update – November 2018 (PDF version)

PSA Delegates and staff met with senior officers of the department on 13 November and had a demonstration of the Interim Journaling process and the WBS/IO process that the department intends to roll out in Term 1 next year.

Members should use the Interim Journaling process; we have requested the department provide Adobe Connect training material for the Interim Journaling process to supplement the written instructions provided by the department.

PSA Delegates and staff are still concerned about the additional workload created by the WBS/IO process.

We restated our position that it should be fully integrated into the timesheets. The department said that the processing involved would be quite large and would affect the stability of the payroll system. Rather than have a system that is capable of being fully integrated the department has traded off efficiency for increased workload.

The department will investigate and clarify;

  • conflicting information from EdConnect regarding timeframes for entering WBS/IO
  • conflicting information over which cost centres to use when journaling salaries

The department agreed to look into suggestions raised to improve the system including;

  • integrating the calculations function into the WBS/IO solution
  • expanding the reason code options in the timesheet to include WBS elements

The PSA will continue to fight for improvements to the system and to reduce the workload being placed on members.

Members will continue to be updated as progress is made.

Please continue to log incidents with the department and ensure you receive an incident number. If your incident is not resolved please contact the PSA at with the subject header SAP HR PAYROLL ISSUE and include the incident number and relevant details of your issue.

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