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SAP issues in Legal Aid

SAP issues in Legal Aid – January 2019 (PDF version)

Last week, your Legal Aid delegates and the PSA met with Legal Aid management for the Human Resources Sub-Committee (HRSC). At the meeting the PSA raised issues about the perceived lack of training during the changeover to the SAP system.

In response, Legal Aid Management made assurances it is committed to continued staff training and assistance with the move to the new system. Each Legal Aid site has a “Super User” to assist everyone with their SAP related questions. Legal Aid has stated it will advise everyone as to whom the Super Users are, and Super Users are to receive further training and refresher training in the coming months to keep their skills up to date.

Help for the SAP system can also be found on the Learning Management System.

Any further issues or suggestions regarding SAP or training surrounding it, can be raised with one of your union delegates, Dane Bracewell (">), who will raise these issues with your management team in complete confidentiality. Your delegates and your union are committed to ongoing consultation with Legal Aid, and at this stage it seems receptive to any feed-back members and your union have to give them.

Your Legal Aid delegates

Justin Hutchinson (Head of the Departmental Committee/Head Office Delegate)

Elanor Canning

Mukesh Mahajan

Ann Miller

Christopher Murnane

Eileen Peck

Dane Bracewell

Delegate positions are also available – If you, or a colleague want to get more involved to help improve Legal Aid, contact a delegate or the PSA!

Your union is only as strong as its members – the more members we have, the stronger we are. Your union is not only your voice in the work place, the PSA also handles individual issues at work. Become a member and get more involved by signing up HERE.

If you have further questions, issues or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact:

Glenn Duncan – Organiser

Monika Wunderlin – Industrial Officer

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