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Service NSW Part-time survey and meal breaks

Service NSW Part-time survey & meal breaks – March 2016 (PDF version)

It has been identified through onsite visits and other member communication that many permanent part-time staff are consistently working more than their substantive 20 hours.

The PSA would like to hear from all affected Service NSW staff. The PSA needs to gather and collate this information so this issue can be addressed with the Department.

To that end we have developed a short survey, which can be accessed HERE.

Service NSW should recognise the needs of the business and value its employees.

By completing this survey, it will give the PSA the ability to campaign for improvements such as conversion to permanent full time hours.

If you are not a member please join online at or contact the MSC on 1300 772 679 for further information.


Meal breaks

Clause 12.1 of your award states:

“No employee shall be required to work more than five (5) consecutive hours without a meal break.”

This means that you cannot be directed to take your ‘meal break’ (unpaid minimum 30 minutes) in the first 1½ hours of starting your seven-hour shift, as this would require you to work more than five consecutive hours without a meal break at the end of your shift.

A 10-minute afternoon tea break is not considered a meal break.

If this is happening at your centre and you are affected, please email Susan Chee Quee, PSA Organiser on

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