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SES Organisational Transformation update

SES Organisational Transformation update – July 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA lodged a dispute with the NSW Industrial Relations Commission and this matter was heard before Chief Commissioner Kite on Wednesday, 11 July at 2.00pm.

The primary matters, as stated within our dispute notification, related to the following:

  • Removal of the Field Allowance
  • Location of roles under the Organisational Chart dated 25 June 2018
  • And the role of Financial Services Officer who are assigned to the role for a 12 months.

Field Allowance

The position, as stated before Chief Commissioner Kite, is as we say the change under the reform of Organisational Transformation for the roles such as:

  • Business Manager
  • Region Controller
  • Deputy Region Controller

Under the Organisational Transformation, some of these roles will not retain the provision of Field Allowance, which has been paid to some 83 staff across NSW.

We say that the provision of the Crown Employees Region Staff Award Clause 4.3 still applies:

A flexible and adaptable approach to working hours shall be adopted to meet peak demands, unit and volunteer demands, and the personal circumstances of the officer. Much of the work performed is during the evening or on weekends. The parties agree that the requirements will be no more than 40 days of weekend and public holiday work per annum and 80 occasions of evening work. The parties recognise that there could be variations to these requirements from time to time.

We again have asked for NSW SES to provide as how it has been determined as to who retains the Field Allowance as who does not as we say these roles will still undertake duties in line with the provision of Clause 4.3.

We again noted to Chief Commissioner Kite the financial impact for some 15 staff that have been determined not to retain the Field Allowance and asked why, noting the small number of staff left that these staff be grand parented.

Unfortunately, this request has again been rejected by NSW SES.

Chief Commissioner Kite has instructed the PSA to put forward to NSW SES using the roles as mentioned above information were we say that the duties from the position description and the newly developed role description do not differ.

We also need to provide details that the pattern of work again using position description and role description will still undertake duties of evening, weekends and public holidays under the definition of Clause 4.3 from the Crown Employees Region Staff Award.

The PSA will then present this information back to NSW SES for review and the matter will then return to Chief Commissioner Kite on 20 August at 2.00pm for further debate.

Members please assist us in undertaking this necessary step and provide to us your individual circumstances by no later than Friday ,20 July 2018.

The location of roles

This matter again relates to the roles and locations as identified on the Organisational Charts published 25 June 2018 with specific issue using the Legend Status of Z.

The PSA on 5 July 2018 was advised that a role that had been marked using the reference of Z had now changed and that this role was to remain only to Gunnedah.

NSW SES in regards to the matter of Gunnedah have agreed to take this on notice and review.

NSW SES affirmed before Chief Commissioner Kite that no employee will be forcibly relocated and we ask members here if you have any specific concerns on relating to your circumstances to notify us.


The PSA again raised the issue that these roles as advised by NSW SES at this time are only for a period of 12 months. And for staff who are ongoing employees what assurance can be given if this period is not extended beyond the 12 months such as do they hold ongoing role and where will they be located.

NSW SES have stated that ongoing roles continue to be ongoing employees, at grade and their current location will remain. However, this cannot be guaranteed long term as they are looking at location of duties and where they would like them to be in the future but again NSW SES have advised again that no-one will be forcibly relocated.

Please contact Ms Julie Bond and Mr Martin Robinson if you have any further questions and in providing your personal circumstances if you are one of the affected members regarding the loss of Field Allowance.

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