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SES Organisational Transformation

SES Organisational Transformation – June 2018 (PDF version)

Further to the bulletin dated 16 May 2018, the PSA wrote directly to Deputy Commissioner Abbas outlining key issues relating to the Organisational Transformation, with particular regards to the removal of the Field Allowance and at the time the location of roles.

The PSA firstly wishes to thank all members who have contacted us directly during this stressful time and also raising other key matters that include:

  • The change in employment status with the Financial Services Officer noting that this role has been offered only on a temporary basis for 12 months
  • Change to the current Flexible Working Hours Agreement.

The PSA is now able to confirm that a meeting is scheduled for 21 June 2018 with Deputy Commissioner Abbas.

The aim of the PSA on behalf of the members within SES is to enter into urgent discussion with Deputy Commissioner Abbas noting the impact this is taking across the state.

We will advise members further from the meeting.

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