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Sharing of Headsets: Discussions held

Sharing of headsets update - Nov 2019 (PDF version)

Following on from our last bulletin, which reminded members of their rights under the Work Health and Safety Act (2011), the PSA held discussions with Revenue NSW on 26 November regarding the use of shared headsets. In attendance was your local PSA delegate, as well as PSA Industrial staff.

Following robust discussions, a plan was agreed to move forward on this issue.

  • The Health and Safety Committee will commit to consultation surrounding the use of headsets with the local group, with PSA involvement.
  • This consultation will include the associated hygiene instructions, and whether the care and cleaning instructions are adequate to maintaining appropriate hygiene.
  • In the interim, older model headsets will be re-issued to ensure all staff have individual headsets.
  • There will be discussion with management on the future consideration of purchasing new model headsets for all staff.

While the PSA is pleased that consultation will be occurring, and that management are taking steps to ensure staff are able to utilise individual headsets in the meantime, staff will need to ensure that their views are taken in to account surrounding this and any future WHS issues.

The PSA will be involved as a representative for our members.

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