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Sheriff’s Office: Special COVID-19 bulletin #2

As per the last bulletin, the PSA has been in contact with the Sheriff’s Office in relation to testing and vaccine arrangements.

At this stage, we have received the following advice:

  1. Regular COVID tests (under the 7/10 day requirements for impacted staff) will be covered in working time. Staff who do not have any symptoms can get tested outside of their LGA.
  2. Flexible working arrangements will be available to facilitate attendance at vaccination appointments, i.e. Flex Time is available.
  3. There is two-hour Vaccination Special Leave available and updated into SAP, which is available under leave code pandemic – vaccination.
  4. Both Special Leave and flexible working arrangements will be available for the second dose in addition to the first dose.
  5. Unfortunately, the two-hour vaccination special leave is not retrospective.

The PSA strongly encourages all members to get vaccinated. Of course, you should be guided by your GP. Staff are currently eligible to access the vaccine under the 1B vaccine rollout.

If you need any further information, contact your local Delegate or the Member Support Centre for advice on 1300 772 679.

Your SOVBAG Delegates

Chair Marko Petrovic Sydney City
V/Chair Stephen Hancock Sydney City
Secretary Glenn Elliott-Rudder  Wagga Wagga
V/Secretary Lora Braytih COU
Joseph Safour Wagga Wagga
Pam Mackenzie Sydney City
Paul O’Shea Newcastle
Rob Dickinson Newcastle
Stephanie NikolovskaSydney City
Tian Salter Forster

Your PSA staff 

Latu Sailosi Organiser 
Andrew Wright Industrial Officer 

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