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SIRA Motor Accidents Insurance Authority Bulletin

SIRA Motor Accidents Insurance Authority Bulletin – 6 June 2017 (PDF Version)

The PSA recently held a members meeting at SIRA Motor Accidents Insurance Authority, where we engaged members and identified one or two key issues that have been evolving in the workplace, and which now require union intervention.

We wrote to management on 31 May saying the PSA is aware, over the past couple of years, of the sustained growth of the number of matters being lodged with the SIRA MAIR without a commensurate increase or other adjustment in the resources to handle such an increase. We outlined the statistics bear out the fact that there has been a sustained increase in the caseload for some time. This is part of an ongoing trend that needs to be addressed now and into the future.

In our letter we wrote we are seeking:

  • regular consultation from management regarding the impact of the new scheme, as well as the transition from the current scheme to the new scheme, with consideration of staffing levels, training and development opportunities, and the appropriateness and timeliness of the recruitment process to put the right person in the right job in the right time
  • a commitment that the Project Team will be authorised to revisit the need for increased staff by way of reinstituting a study of the ideal case load of staff – and thereafter management will, as appropriate, re-arrange the allocation of current resources and arrange additional resources at the right levels to deal with the increasing workloads
  • the opportunity to meet with the appropriate decision-makers to begin a dialogue on how to resolve these issues.

We will update members soon with a view to holding another member meeting at 1 Oxford in July.



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